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Call Cases

Box Call Cases

A custom box call case is included at no extra charge with every box call ordered. In addition, these custom-made cases are also available here for purchase. They are made of fabric- backed vinyl with thick Berber fleece for the pockets and interior lining. They are custom made by me to protect my calls, but will fit other box calls. These cases keep the call clean and protect it from marring and water damage. They also keep the call quiet as you are moving about. And lastly, they keep the call instantly available for use, and equally important, provide a convenient place to get the call quickly out of your hands. The case has a belt loop, as it was originally intended to be carried on the hip. But I prefer to mount it higher on the body such as on the vest or jacket. And for that reason, the case has tabs and safety pins to accommodate mounting it where ever you would like. I have the cases in various shades of brown and green to compliment the call and to blend with the turkey woods and your camo clothing.
-Price: $20 each (add $5 shipping if mailed separately)



My cousin in Nashville has no interest in hunting, but she liked the tail art on my calls. She asked me to make her a wooden bookmark with the turkey tail plumage painted on it as it is on my box calls. I did and they seem to have become popular as gifts for turkey hunters and non-hunters as well. The bookmarks are made of various hardwoods, such as Butternut and Mahogany. As with my calls I make them with the tail plumage representing either Merriams or Eastern subspecies of the wild turkey. Please indicate which you prefer. Polyurethane finish.
-Price: $10 each (add $2 shipping per order if mailed separately)

Letter Opener

Letter Opener

This letter opener is made of Eastern Redcedar, as are the lids for my box calls. It is made from the same stock and painted the same way. Eastern or Merriam’s colors available. Polyurethane finish.
-Price: $30 (add $5 shipping per order if mailed separately)



These note cards are printed on Artco card stock in a buff color called Ecru Vellum. The card size is
7” X 10” and envelope size is accommodates the 5” x 7”card. Images are pen and ink by me. Set of 12 cards, four of each image, 13 envelopes.
-Price: $16 per set (add $5 shipping per order if mailed separately)

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